ORGON.INK® is a tissue that attenuates electromagnetic pollution, eliminates electrostatic charges and generates negative ions, which generates significant health benefits for the people who use it.

The ORGON.INK® fabric incorporates a very useful system for all people living in contact with equipment that emits electromagnetic waves (wifi, mobile phone, computers, tablets, television, electric network, etc).

Its use helps to prevent and mitigate the growing affections that arise from increased exposure to electromagnetic fields, which can negatively affect your health, well-being and rest, may even alter your metabolism, delay growth or reproductive cycles, including altering plant germination, for example and animal quality of life (Schmiedchen K. et al., 2017).

How does it work?

ORGON.INK® combines two forms of action simultaneously, one active and one passive.

The active action comes from the action of the tourmaline that has the fabric, which on contact with the skin generates anions and far infrared radiation thanks to the fact that it contains tourmaline, a mineral that reacts with body movements and interacts with body heat through the far infrared. It releases negative ions that fight stress.

The passive action provides protection from electromagnetic and electrostatic discharge, thanks to a mesh of woven metal fibres that traps the environmental pollution caused by these waves and drifts to the ground connection of the network, naturally.

Tourmaline is a mineral with emission capacity, on the one hand negative ions (anions), with an average emission rate measured while rubbing continuously (force and controlled rhythm), exceeding 1,100 anions/cm3 of air; and on the other of far-infrared radiation (FIR), a radiation with high energy capacity that provides oxygenation to tissues, stimulates blood circulation and improves rest, according to the study by Pooley M. A. et al. “Engineered emissivity of textile fabrics by the inclusion of ceramic particles” Opt. Express 24(10), 10556-10564, 2016).

Some of its benefits


The protective bubble against electromagnetic waves prevents an increase in stress and lack of energy.


The ORGON.INK tissue prevents the reproduction of bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus.

Earthing or grounding connection*

The ORGON.INK fabric has its own grounding system that allows an effective discharge of static electricity

Electromagnetic Discharge

It generates a shielding system that discharges 90% of the electromagnetic energy.

Best Rest

It achieves a restful sleep thanks to its action against electromagnetic pollution.


It limits situations in which organisms generate hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic shielding/attenuation effect (EM)

The tissue ORGON.INK® presents positive and significant results regarding the technical properties that have been studied and evaluated. Also on the attenuation effect of EM radiation from various sources. With the most complex aspect of interpreting and evaluating in the tissue studied, with the method selected, attenuation is observed mainly in the transmission of the horizontal component of the EM radiation, which has been quantified between -10 and -20 dB (90% and 99% of the radiation). These values, and even the trend presented by the transmission attenuation graph over the entire frequency range studied (from 400 Mhz to 40 Ghz)are similar to those of other more technical textile materials intended for shielding and electromagnetic protection (such as nonwovens made entirely of metallic fibres).

Bearing in mind that there are different references in the literature to the impact that these properties may have in terms of user well-being, quality of sleep, rest, etc. such textile could find end uses in products of interest to the rest sector.

*More info about the earthing or grounding connection.

Related in part to the flow of electrical charges through the body, in recent years a movement has emerged, known as { earthing’ or { grounding}, that claims to walk barefoot to achieve the effect of “grounding” allows the body to carry free electrons emanating from the Earth’s magnetic field. In this way the accumulation of electrostatic charge in the body is avoided, regularizing the biological clock to corporal diurnal rhythms.

The ORGON.INK fabric has its own grounding system that allows an effective discharge of static electricity, to take advantage of the benefits that the grounding connection can bring. This will improve sleep and help you wake up rested and full of energy.

The benefits of earthing have been described by different studies (e.g. published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health); they describe different aspects of health that can be modified by the practice of grounding: sleep and chronic pain, stress level, heart rate variation, glucose level, etc.

Orgon.Ink® and science

A research by the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX) evaluated the ORGON.INK® fabric sample, the two main parameters that indicate the electrostatic charge dissipation capacity:

  • Semi-discharge time (t50).
  • Protection factor (S). For this purpose, it was subjected to a supplied test voltage of 1200 ( 50) V, applied in 30µs. The measuring time was 30s.

After that, the values recorded by the equipment were the following:

Test-tube Protection Factor, S Half discharge time, t50 (s)
1 0,96 <0,01
2 1,00 <0,01
3 0,99 <0,01
Average 0,98 <0,01

The relevant regulation indicates that for a fabric to pass the test and therefore be considered acceptable for dissipating electrostatic charge it must meet at least one of the following conditions:

t50 < 4s, or, S > 0,2

As can be seen from the table, research shows that ORGON.INK® fabric has an extremely low semi-discharge time (that is, it quickly discharges the electricity that comes to it by induction from a given electric field) and has a protection factor S value close to 1 (higher than required by the standard), can be considered to have very good electrostatic charge dissipation performance.

Indicative results are similar to those obtained in some textile materials and technical fabrics for electrical/electrostatic protective clothing.


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