Scientific research has shown that people who regularly use Biocrystal® experience positive changes in the functioning of their organism. The improvement has reached an average of 34% in the general functions of the body. Here are some relevant research data:

  • 53% of those tested improve their circulatory system
  • 76% of those tested sleep better
  • 87% of those tested recommend the product

The best source of energy for living things is nature. Directly from it come the crystals that, thanks to the power of science and the application of the most modern technology, are the basis of the innovative fabric Biocrystal®, which provides energy to people to release their full potential.

Only natural products are used in the production of Biocrystal®. Raw materials are not subjected to any special treatment beyond milling and the balanced mix of 16 different types of 100% natural crystals, that transmit all its power and all its properties to your organism.

The effectiveness of the Biocrystal® tissue is tested on a permanent basis by scientific clinical trials carried out by researchers and institutions of the highest prestige in different fields of knowledge, especially medicine. The effect is confirmed by the testimonials of both elite athletes who used Biocrystal® guarantee their best performance, and customers from all over the world.

The recognized efficacy of this new tissue is due to the ability of the mixture of natural crystals to positively influence the energy of the body producing greater activity and at the same time a relaxed mood.

Biocrystal® Mixture. Implementations.

Biocrystal® is particularly suitable for application in a wide range of products for daily use and which are intended to improve the quality of life of people.

The use of Biocrystal® in bed linen, furniture, fabrics and many other industries allows the positive effects of natural crystals to be incorporated into these products and to bring more energy to people.



Bedding products




Some of its benefits

Well-being efect

Best Rest

Anti-stress effect

Relaxing effect

Breathing with lower frequency

Increases body language 

It mitigates the fatigue

It reduces the heart rate

It decreases the skin conductivity

Reinforces theta and beta waves

Decreases alpha and delta waves

Biocrystal® and Science

A study conducted at BION institute shows that Biocrystal® users experience higher level of conductivity and energy absorption – which implies more relaxed muscle and the nerve system enabling better sleep.

A questionnaire conducted among the Biocrystal® users showed that:

  • 53% of respondents measured better body circulation
  • 76% of the users sleep better
  • 87% of the users recommend the product

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