The application of tourmaline in fabrics generates numerous benefits for the health and well-being of people. It is a mineral that belongs to the group of silicates and among its characteristics it is important to highlight its pyrelectric and piezoelectric effects (tourmaline crystals are electrified when heated, rubbed or compressed; one end of the glass acquires positive polarity and the other negative). In this way the bioceramic mineral is able to generate negative charge ions (anions), whose presence in the environment is directly related to health benefits, rest and the feeling of well-being). In fact, in environments such as waterfalls, forests and near the sea there is a high concentration of negative ions, while in environments close to computer equipment, offices, closed places or with very low humidity there is more concentration of positive ions.

Benefits of the tourmaline

The benefits and effects of bioceramic materials on the organism have long been investigated and endorsed by different studies (e.g. F. Vatansever et al., 2012 or Leung TK, 2015). The main ones are a feeling of natural well-being and make it easy to enjoy a restful sleep.

Natural well-being

Restfull sleep

It counteracts harmful energy

It relieves the body tension

Tourmaline and the science

A study carried out by the Technological Institute for Textiles (AITEX) with fabric treated with TURMAL.INK confirms that it has an average ion emission rate of 1,114 anions/cm3 of air, according to this organism’s own method that uses a Crockmeter to carry out rubs in a continuous and uniform way, at the rate of 1 rub/second, up to 30 rubbers. The measurement was carried out using a portable ion counter placed right next to the tissue to be evaluated. The values obtained were as follows:


Nº rubbing Anions/cm3
1 1700
5 910
10 1190
15 1000
20 800
25 1000
30 1200
Average 1114

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