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Innovación Textil (Fabrics Innovation) has spent the last three decades researching innovative fabrics that improve the quality of life and bring well-being to people. We work to create new technical materials that are useful, healthy, comfortable, aesthetic and sustainable and that have the least possible impact on the environment.

We are committed to permanently reimagining industry and textile products for home, hygiene, health, the world of work, sports, fashion, automotive and leisure, combining the most advanced technology applications and the latest fashion trends, in the search for intelligent, interactive and increasingly functional garments, which can be connected to technological systems.

In order to bring added value through research and innovation, we always count on the collaboration of leading technical teams in different areas of research, as well as from different research centres around the world, which with their work allow us to advance in a more global knowledge.

We collaborate with the most technical and outstanding teams
around the world


To develop innovative, high-value-added functional textile products aimed at different sectors of finished product manufacturing that provide well-being, aesthetics and comfort while creating healthier environments. We are committed to a sustainable and  environmentally friendly project.


To be at the international vanguard of research for the creation of technological textile products, of last generation, that contribute to improve the quality of life of the users, through the marketing of healthy and technical textiles, with a logistical system capable of covering the needs of customers worldwide. In addition to contributing to the economic and social progress of the territory.









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