Healthy Textiles


The Biocrystal® fabrics are based on the application of an innovative technology tested by European institutes. They contain a powerful mixture of 16 crystals 100% natural, scientifically proven, that transmit to the users the benefits of this raw material, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of all living beings and the functional state of the body, without any contraindications.

Research shows that this is a very efficient textile to balance the flow of body energy, reduce fatigue, contribute to a restorative rest and significantly reduce stress. These products meet the criteria necessary to obtain the Certificate of Energy Influence in the Human Organism.

A study at the BION Institute shows that users of Biocrystallography experience a higher level of conductivity and energy absorption, implying greater muscle and nervous system relaxation, which improves the quality of sleep.

In addition, research carried out by a doctor, a specialist in internal medicine, has shown that all users of Biocrystal® experience positive changes in the functioning of the organism, with an average improvement of 34.6%. The changes are noticeable and can be perceived with a precision device only 10 minutes after the start of use.®

We have designed a system that combines the shielding properties against electromagnetic waves and integrates the fabric ORGON.INK (metallic fibres combined with the bioceramic mineral tourmaline, which react with body movements and body heat, releasing negative ions). To that we add the positive effects of Offsystem, an exclusive and patented technology that consists of connection to a grounding, allowing an efficient discharge of static electricity existing in the environment and is collected through an ORGON.INK fabric mesh. This combination contributes significantly to improving the quality of life for users.

The electromagnetic insulation capacity generated by the ORGON.INK fabric allows the products in which it is applied to generate a protective shield used to protect which attenuates between 90 and 99% the transmission of the horizontal component of electromagnetic radiation, quantified between -10 and -20 dB, depending on the incident frequency range (from 400 Mhz to 40 Ghz). To give a few examples, a mobile phone is around 800-900 Mhz, while domestic microwave ovens operate at frequencies of 2,450 Mhz.®

Fabric with anti-stress characteristics, based on tourmaline, a mineral of complex chemical formulation, with pyrpiezoelectric characteristics, capable of generating negative ions (anions) indefinitely, by means of heat and friction. This emission or radiation is found in a wave frequency called far infrared, used for different therapeutic treatments.

It is a natural form of radiation, capable of stimulating our cells and tissues without being in contact with the skin, to which numerous health benefits are attributed.


Why is tourmaline an anti-stress tissue?

The release of negative ions (anions) through tourmaline, provides a feeling of natural well-being.

In our daily life we are surrounded by an excess of undesirable cations (ions with positive electric charge), produced by the electronic devices that surround us, these cations are one of the culprits of our level of stress.


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